I am an applied microeconomist in the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University, with a specialization in Industrial Organization. My research agenda involves using a detailed firm-level dataset to estimate how firms' dynamic decisions affect industry performance, both in individual and strategic contexts.

You can find my CV .

Education :
Ph.D. in Economics, 2023, The Pennsylvania State University
M.A. in Economics, 2017, Korea University
B.A. in Economics, 2015, Korea University

Contact Information :
Department of Economics
National Taiwan University
No.1, Sec 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617 Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-3366-8389
Email: jkhong@ntu.edu.tw

Working Papers

Sunk Cost and Entrant's Choice of Capacity


In Search of (Factor-Biased) Learning by Exporting (with Davide Luparello) - Draft coming soon!


Trade Dynamics of Heterogeneous Producers under Trade Cost Complementarity


Work in Progress

Stay or Leave?: Online Banking, Merger, and Dynamics of Bank Branches (with Minsung Park)


Publications in Korean

Multiple of Credit Guarantee Operation as a Facilitator of Aggressive Credit Supply (with Jaesung Park), Journal of SME Finance, Volume 41, Number 1, April 2021

Encouraging Employment, Techonology Innovation and Profitability of SMEs (with Jaesung Park), Korea Review of Applied Economics , Volume 22, Number 2, June 2020

Decomposition of the Business Cycle Shock and the Default Rate of SMEs in Korea (with Jaesung Park and Sumi Na), Journal of Derivatives and Quantitative Studies , Volume 27, Number 4, November 2019